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60 (More) Insanely Useful Resources To Get You Learning, Reading, Writing and Speaking Spanish Right Now!!!

Learn Spanish for Free with over 50 online resources compiled by ⎮Learn spanish ⎮ Travel ⎮Explore New Worlds and the Dímelo Caminando Free Latin America Spanish Audio Podcast

Here you have another epic round up of insanely useful online resources and tools available for free that will help get you learning, reading, writing, and speaking spanish Right Now!!! (Note: If you missed the first round up of 50 insanely useful resources for spanish learners, it might be useful to you to check it out […]

Read More 56 Comments Presents… Los Ritmos de Colombia Mixtape Vol. II Latin America Travel Blog and Spanish Audio Language Learning Podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadHere we are back again with the second installment of our Mixtape series dedicated to the sounds and rhythms of Colombia (If you missed Vol. 1, Check it out here). Within it, you’ll find a very eclectic selection of music that represents a wide variety of regions, styles and sounds throughout the […]

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Plan de Acción 2013: Lookin’ Up and Out (and Back) on Travel, Learning and Life

Looking up and out and back on key moments while learning spanish, traveling, and photographing South America (Ecuador and Colombia) in 2012

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to build theirs.” — Tony Gaskins “If you’re going to try, go all the way, there is no other feeling like that. / you will be alone with the gods / and the nights will flame with fire…. you will ride life straight to / perfect […]

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Dímelo Caminando 005: Exploring the Roots of Colombia’s National Sport: ¡El TEJO!

Turmequé Indigenous Roots Colombia's National Sport - El Tejo - Dímelo Caminando Spanish Language Learning Podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWelcome back mis queridos oyentes new and old to Dímelo Caminando! I’m your host, […]


Learn Colombia Spanish Slang Audio podcast Culture Latin America Travel Dímelo Caminando

Podcast: Play in new window | Download VIAJAR ES REGRESAR By Gabriel García Márquez (translated by me, Jamie Killen) Music […] Presents…The Sounds and Rhythms of Colombia Mixtape Vol. III

Dímelo Caminando - - Learn Spanish - Travel Latin America - Explore New Worlds

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadHere you have yet another installment of our mixtape series dedicated to the sounds […]

Dímelo Caminando Podcast Update: Todavía Vamos Por Buen Camino – Just A Little Slower Than Expected – Y Un Favorcito…

Tarjeta Postal Learn Latin America Spanish Podcast Dímelo Caminando

  Queridos amigos y amigas de El Dímelo Caminando Podcast, ¡¿Cómo me les va?! Espero todo chévere. Les vuelvo a […]

Dímelo Caminando Podcast Update: VAMOS POR BUEN CAMINO — New Episodes Coming in One Week!!!

Learn authentic latin america spanish with the Dimelo Caminando Podcast of

  Queridos amigos y amigas de y El Dímelo Caminando Podcast, ¿!Qué Más?!? ¿Cómo les ha ido? I write […]

Foto del Día: En Contra de El Cristóbal Colón – Perspectives from Ecuadorian Street Art

Latin America Travel Photography by Jamie Killen: Anti-Christopher Columbus Graffiti Quito Ecuador

  My first introduction to the great Italian Sea Captain, Christopher Columbus (a.k.a Cristóbal Colón), began with the following poem, […]

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