Dímelo Caminando 002: Y Entonces…More Colombian Spanish (con Santiago)

Pájaros volviéndose locos por granitos de maíz en la Paza de Bolívar en el centro histórico de Bogotá, Colombia Pájaros volviéndose locos por granitos de maíz en la Paza de Bolívar en el centro histórico de Bogotá, Colombia

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Annnnnnnnnd we’re back! Estamos de vuelta acá para otro episodio de Dímelo Caminando.

Les digo gracias por volver…

Running a little behind schedule with today’s episode, but still  — mejor un poco tarde que nunca, sabes…

So in today’s session we’re going to continue the conversation from Episode 001 with mi compa Santiago Ramírez of Bogotá, Colombia, but this time diving into a few different modísmos or slang words and expressions used in Bogotá and throughout the country, along with some different, alternative ways, some very Colombian ways, to salute your fellow amigos, compañeros, parceros, y chinos (<—- see Bogotálogo link below)

Santiango and I discuss:

  • Popular expressions, slang, dichos and vocab such as “No Dar Papaya,” “Chévere,” “Bacano/a,” among others
  • Colombian Saludos and greetings such as “¿Quiubo?,” “¿Qué más?,” “Y entonces” y más…
  • Augmentative suffixes, creative superlatives and recontrachévere prefixes
  • And other delicious, new colombian spanish words for your lexicon
Other items mentioned in today’s show:
  • Los Ritmos de Colombia Mixtape compiled by yours truly…Within it you will find a nice contemporary selection of some most righteous colombian grooves. Speaking of colombian grooves, that brings me to my next topic:
  • Monsiuer Periné – amazing colombian jazz and swing band
  • More info regarding superlatives
  • Bonus Item: El Bogotálogo: Usos, Desusos y Abusos del Español Hablado en Bogotá. For any of you that are really interested in familiarizing yourself on a much deeper level with the Spanish used in Bogotá, I highly, highly recommend that you check this free dictionary compiled by rolo Andrés Ospina. It contains over 4,000 words, and without a doubt demonstrates the vast creativity Bogotanos possess with la palabra. You can also check out a cool interview with Ospina here.

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Conversation Transcript PDF
Muchisísimas Gracias por escuchar el episodio de hoy. El 003 estará disponible en 2 semanas!!!
Oh, and one more cosita for you cool kids that I almost forgot: in the lesson portion of the show focusing on augmentative suffixes, I mention “hormigas culonas – or big ass ants that are consumed and eaten as a delicacy around Colombia. Check out the two videos below and you can learn how to catch them, prepare them, and eat them. Cheers.

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