TITMW.com Presents… Los Ritmos de Colombia Mixtape Vol. II

Bailarines del grupo Candela Viva muestran su foclor y ritmos afro-colombianos por la Torre del Reloj en Cartagena, Colombia Bailarines del grupo Candela Viva muestran su foclor y ritmos afro-colombianos por la Torre del Reloj en Cartagena, Colombia

H ere we are back again with the second installment of our Mixtape series dedicated to the sounds and rhythms of Colombia (If you missed Vol. 1, Check it out here). Within it, you’ll find a very eclectic selection of music that represents a wide variety of regions, styles and sounds throughout the country. Again, I didn’t stray too far from contemporary flavors, but as always I tried to sneak in a few throwback tracks, as well as some different folkloric tunes into the mix.

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A few things to remember:

  • Bump it at MAX VOLUME!!!
  • Dance whenever you feel the need
  • Don’t stop ’til you get enough…

Without further ado…

Track Listing:

1.) 0:00 – Sidestepper, “Llegaré,” from the album 3 AM In Beats We Trust

2.) 4:00 – Systema Solar, “Quién Es El Patron?” from the album Systema Solar

3.) 7:15 – Pernett “La Rumba Bacana I *Currulao,” from the album El Mago

4.)  09:13 – Choc Quib Town, “Macru,” from the album Somos Pacífico

5.) 14:00 – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, “Soplaviento,” from the album Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

6.) 17:45 – Tres Coronas, “Mi Tierra,” from the album La Música Es Mi Arma

7.) 22:14 – Bomba Estéreo, “Fuego,” from the album Vol. II ¡Estalla!

8.) 26:40 – La Etnnia, “De la Cuna a la Ataúd,” from the album XXX

9.) 30:42 – Junior Jein, “Puro Soye,” from the album Las Fichas del Caballo

10.) 34:41 – Choc Quib Town, “Busco Personas,” from the album Somos Pacífico

11.) 39:32 – Son Palenque, “Tungalala (el sapo), from the album LR Presents Latin Africa

12.) 43:00 – Los Nemus del Pacífico, “Lindas y Bellas,” from the album Son Montuno y Salsa con Alexis Murillo

13.) 46:53 – La orquesta de la 33, “Porque Yo” from the album Gózalo

14.) 51:52 – Rolando Sanchez, “Que Lo Sepa El Mundo Entero,” from the album Contra Viento y Marea

  • Special Note: I first met Rolando in Taganga, Colombia — on the caribbean coast — in 2010. He was playing his guitar for other backpackers and by-passers, and I just happened to buy his CD, from which I grab this track and share it with you now. I have yet to see or hear of Rolando again, but I hope he’s still running around Taganga with his old, beat-up 6-string because the man, even though his catalogue was small — was/is one helluva guitar player.
  • Soundcloud

15.) 54:05 – Monsieur Periné, “Sabor a Mi,” from the album Hecho A Mano: Suin a la Colombiana

16.) 57:15 – Jorge Velosa y los Carrangueros de Ráquira, “La Cucharita,” from the album Lero Lero Candelero

17.) 1:00:54 – De Bruces a Mí, “Con tu puño y tu razón” from the album Real

18.) 1:04:07 – Tres Coronas, “Caminando,” from the album La Música Es Mi Arma

19.) 1:07:55 – Pernett & The Caribbean Ravers, “optimo positivo,” from the album Música Pa’ Pick Up

20.) 1:11:53 – Carlos Vives, “Tierra del Olvido,” from the album La Tierra del Olvido

Que Disfruten!!!

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